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The Sampler Board simulates the operation of a single Sampler System, including two (2) Slip Stream or Mixing pumps, the sample probe drive, sample taken switch, flow control valve, analog flow meter and two sample receptacles with weigh scales and high level switches.  A Receptacle select solenoid valve is also simulated with position feedback included.  Other features are:
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • 24 VDC operation
  • All connections via plug and header, not terminals
  • Receives Sample Probe Pulse and echoes back 'Sample Taken Signal'
  • Simulates two sample receptacles, each with its own weigh scale (4-20 mA output) and High Level Switch
  • Pump simulation with Pump Running and HOA switch position (Hand and Auto) for each pump
  • Flow Control Valve input for simulating control of flow through a slip stream
  • Analog output for flow rate either tied to FCV signal or set to a User adjusted value when pump running (4.00 mA when pump is off)
  • 'Can Empty' and 'Can Full' analog points are fully adjustable
  • High Level Switch activation point is fully configurable (% full) via the User Interface Board.  The configured value is stored locally in EEPROM.
  • Configurable Sample Size and Receptacle Size via the User Interface Board.  The configured values are stored locally in EEPROM
  • Sixteen position rotary switch provided for causing faults and errors (Fail Sample Taken signal, Pump Fail, HOA switch in Off or Hand, Toggle High Level Alamrs, etc.)
  • LEDs included for all digital I/O points
  • Red LED blinks twice per second when board is operating properly
  • Pushbuttons included to reset the "Samples Taken" counter