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Travel Case



The Travel Case is designed to protect the installed simulator board from damage during transport to your customer's facility.  The Travel case is of robust construction with a 304 stainless steel mounting pan and aluminum rail for installation of the simulator boards.  Two flow boards can be installed in the case or one of any of the other simulator boards.  Using the Travel Case to transport the simulator boards to site will insure that the boards arrive in working condition, undamaged by the rigors of airline travel or rough handling by baggage handlers.  This will improve the efficiency of your Service Engineers since they can check out an installed system without waiting for product to be available.  Your customers will also appreciate that your Service Engineer is not waiting for product to flow but is proactively testing the system and insuring it is ready for product when it is available.  Features of the Travel Case include:
  • NEMA 4 Construction
  • Easily protects your simulator boards from damage during transport to site
  • Easily accessible board controls with the cover removed.
  • Signal wiring to the plugs is unhampered by the case with the cover removed.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly at site.