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User Interface


The User Interface Board is used to configure the Sampler Board and the Prover Board.  It is provided with a sixteen character display and an sixteen key keypad for ease of use.  Other features included are:
  • DIN Rail mountable
  • 24 VDC powered
  • All connections via plug and header, not terminals
  • RS-232 over a standard Ethernet Cable (not crossover).  If the cable fails or is lost, it can be replaced locally.  One (1) three foot (3 ft.) Ethernet cable is included
  • Keys A-D are function keys used in configuration of boards
  • 'F' key used for backspace
  • 'E' key used for Enter
  • Self determines which type of board is connected, Prover or Sampler
  • Positive feedback when 'other' board is connected properly
  • LED flashes twice per second when board is operating properly
  • Operates directly on parameters stored in connected boards - no parameters are stored on User Interface board