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The Valve Simulator Board simulates the operation of four motor-operated valves.  The features included with this board are:
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • 24 VDC powered
  • All connections via plug and header, not terminals
  • Works with Sourcing (24 VDC) or Sinking (0 VDC) Command Signals
  • Status lines can be configured as High Active (24 VDC) or Low Active (0 VDC)
  • Single Line or Two Line Control, DIP Switch selectable
  • Overlapping or Non-Overlapping Status, DIP Switch Selectable
  • Valve Operating Times selectable via DIP Switch (3, 15, 30 or 60 Seconds)
  • LEDs provided for Open and Close commands
  • LEDs provided for Open Limit Switch, Close Limit Switch, Local/Remote Status and Seal Switch status points
  • Sixteen position rotary switch provided for generating errors and faults (Open & Close Limit Switch Fail, Remote Control, Seal Fail, No Operation, etc.)
  • LED flashes twice per second when board is operating properly